Talent Platform for the Next-Gen

Arkimedes bridges Enterprises and Global Talent with Trust and Ease. Powered by AI and Smart Contracts, it helps make confident career and hiring decisions.


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Employers and Universities

Take your brand experience to the next level and establish a reputation that sets you apart from the competition. With our platform, institutions can work with trustworthy career and academic data, streamline hiring workflows, and showcase their commitment to transparency.

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Talented People

Arkimedes puts digital ownership front and center. Let degrees and employment certificates be added to your résumé knowing that your accomplishments are fully verified, while you define your privacy settings to set up a personal AI-assist.

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Enterprise Services

Looking to boost your team's productivity? Connect to Arkimedes with ease, and revamp your business workflows, while making confident hiring decisions that respect users' privacy.

Arkimedes SaaS drives Factual Data, Digital Ownership, and Efficiency


Benefit from semantic search, and large language models to focus on high-value tasks.


Secure and verifiable academic achievements, working experiences, and reviews.

Privacy First

Users gain control over their career data, while choosing how it is used in the Internet.


Increase the usefulness of data by connecting to different platforms and services.


Whether you're a tech-forward enterprise or an educational institution committed to upskilling, Arkimedes' API will seamlessly enhance your software with new capabilities. Join our community of partners to:

  • Issue secure certificates, and work with trustworthy data to support well-informed decisions.
  • Build a verifiable reputation for your employer brand or educational institution.
  • Redefine your hiring strategy with semantic search and state-of-the-art AI.

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